Lot of new things for the 1.2 release!

Hello everyone!

We are really happy to announce a major update on Pyramid!

The 1.2 release introduces a difficulty system. We added a safe mode, in which there are no threat, so anybody can enjoy the adventure ! 

We also added a hard mode, in which there are more monsters and you only have two lifes, if you get caught twi, you lose ! 

Here is the complete changelog : 

  • Fixed artifacts near the button in the second anex
  • Added an easy and hard mode
  • Added lanterns in almost every interesting spot in the first level
  • No more language selection screen. The language of the game is determined using the system language instead.
  • Added a backlight in the exterior level to improve the vision in very dark environements
  • (Hard Mode) Added a scary trigger with Anubis when getting out of the tent instead of looking at the Pyramid
  • (Hard Mode) Reduced the delay before nightime
  • (Hard Mode) Added Anubis in the exterior level that walks through a big part of the desert
  • (Easy Mode) Completly removed Anubis (scary triggers and real Anubis)
  • Replaced the splash screen of the studio
  • Added details in the tent (small objects and photographs) to add more depth
  • Fixed a bug where the lever of the bird in the small room would not appear when inserting it
  • Fixed normals in the small room

We will now work on a save system since it has been a request from many people. Sadly it is a quite challenging feature to implement so it will be for the next update ! We are currently working on another secret project in which there is a save system so we will re-implement it in Pyramid very soon ! 

Thanks for reading and for your support ! 


Dissident Studio - Pyramid (1.2).zip 173 MB
Dec 05, 2020

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