The Escape - 1.5


Here is a new update for The Escape (1.5). We received some feedback about major issues in the game, so we fixed them.

The main problem was an issue with the framerate of the game which was not fixed, leading to issues when playing on computers with specific monitors. For example using a monitor running at 144Hz could speed up the game because of vsync and make the timed levels impossible.

This is now fixed an the game runs at a maximum of 60 FPS per second, moreover, the timer for the specific level is much more accurate and is not altered by the framerate of the game (which was not the case).
Here is the full changelog : 

- Duration of the alert was relative to the framerate of the game

- Now the room where the player starts is visited by default in the minimap

- Activated vsync by default explicitly

- Now the game is fixed at 60 fps

IMPORTANT NOTE : Now the game is built for Windows 64 bits instead of 32 bits up until now.


The Escape 1.5 - Windows x64 76 MB
Mar 09, 2022

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