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Hi, Thank you so much for including this game in the bundle for racial equality and justice. As a way of thanking the contributors, I've started a blog to publish game reviews and give a little free press (though it's a very lightly visited blog at this point!)

Great game!


Adding the game to the bundle for racial equality was an evidence for us, and it gave us quite some visibility by the way. Thank you so much for your review, it is short but very representative of what we wanted a player to feel,and it's spoiler free which is perfect, so that players can still discover a big part of the game by themselves. 

Thanks you very much again, and keep the good work on your blog, I'm looking forward for your other reviews :) 

The soundtrack/ambiance in this game was great!

Thank you so much! We focused on a polished ambiance to counterbalance the minimalistic graphics :) 

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Thank you so much for your feedback! Our challenge was to create an horrific ambiance using minimalist graphics so we are really happy you enjoyed it! Thank you so so much for playing! 

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

The game is finished but we're still working on updates based on the feedbacks we receive. We are mainly focusing on a save system for now because there is a really strong demand for it :) 

I like how it feels, but it hasn't nothing to save the progress...very disappointed about this point even if the game is short I don't like lost my time. sorry and I hope you can improve this annoyance :)


Hey. Thanks for your feedback. Yed this is something a few people told me. I'm working on implementing some sort of saving system at the moment :) I'm sorry you had the feeling of losing your time, this is not what I want players to feel :( I decided to add a text to advert the players will lose their saved in a very next update to avoid this problem until I implement the saving. Sorry again and thank you so much for playing :) 

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Fantastic little game. The standart and production value of this game is worth it as a paid game. I really enjoy the scvares as they are not overdone but still scary and present. Keep op the good work! :D


Wow thank you so much for your message ! We put a lot of effort trying to achieve a kind of "professional" result in a small amount of time and with very simple graphics ! Really happy you enjoyed it. And thank you so much for your playthrough it's really nice ! :D